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About Eric

After a near 5 year break from music, I got back into it and within 2 short years produced over a dozen tracks appearing on labels like New York's Nervous Records and won Victor Calderone's Remix contest that was hosted on Play.Beatport.

I love showing others how to make great, dance floor ready tracks with the gear and software they have right now. You don't need to know 417 things about production, you just need to master a few critical things. Let me show you what they are. Sign up on this page.


The Making of Doorway to the Sun
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6am Premiers "Doorway to the Sun" by Eric Louis
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Eric Louis Westside Highway Preview
Listen to the full single and the other lead track from the compilation below.  More is on the way.
Almost Free Ableton Session and Audio Files
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Free Stuff – Snow day Tech House
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