Free tech-house sounds and loops

my loss your gain. Here are some samples you can use as you like. Deep chugging tech house 124 bpm. Members can download the files. More info here

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Universal Audio (UAD Plugins) and Dance Music Production — It's The DJ - March 14, 2017

[…] The UAD Studer A800. I use this a ton and love it! I buss my lows together so the Studer always goes on that channel to give a little extra heft. Tape speeds and settings have their characteristics. I usually stick to 30 IPS on the "repro" tape formula. The input and output settings are very important long with the secondary EQ controls. I find that the HF and LF controls help me dial in just the right sound for lows and hi's of the kick.  I used the Studer tape emulation on the low-end in these free samples. […]

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