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2 weeks ago an Underground Elite Member, Anthony popped by the house Jam on Maschine Jam.  I came up with a couple things on the spot, as we went over the Maschine software and Jam controller.  Feel free to put these sounds to use.  Right Click to Save As

Techno queen Rebekah drops her album "Fear Paralysis."  Here's a link to her FB to stream/purchase.  Rebakah has a very long history as a DJ and producer.  I dig that's she's 7 years sober.  I'm not on any "program" but I totally respect the discipline and self knowledge she's acquired. She's lifts weights and does Crossfit when not DJing.  I did Crossfit on the regular for 4 years.  In a live stream on Be at TV earlier this week she said it Crossfit is like "S&M" on yourself.  It's true, it is like torture but with benefits.

I'll prob grab a track or 2 from the album.

Harvey McKay drops and EP on Bedrock. Dope shit as usual.

Fact Mag had a nice round up of "cutting edge" synths, I may have to grab one of these.

Just today I had a Google Hangout w/ Dean Zlato, he's also an Underground Elite member.  He's based in Sydney where nightlife lock out laws have really taken their toll on the big clubs. Rather than get bummed about it, he and his mates are throwing warehouse parties, and he's beefing up his production game going through my course.

He has a remix due out soon, and is finishing the last track in a 3 track EP.  I told him to go ahead and start sending the 2 that are done as demos so he has home for his EP when the final track is done.

And since people have been eager to open emails about "the music biz" here's an older but interesting post from Mixmag that explains what DJs at different levels earn.

Coming soon is a new article in my "Finish Faster" series.  Till then I have music to finish and get mastered.

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