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My new set up is complete.  I'm a fan of standing desks and was previously using a bar height table from CB2 that needed to be used as a real table in the kitchen.  I also wanted something more stable.  Was gonna go the DIY route using plumber pipe but I'm someone who likes the idea of DIY projects but has no time, patience, or tools to get them done.

Enter the Gladiator Work Bench.  Mine is 6 feet, adjusts to 42 inches high, but doesn't have the maple top as I didn't feel that was worth the extra cash.  I did get sturdy as the table has a 3,000 lb weight capacity.  I also got for for $319 shipped to my local Home Depot.  This thing is a beast and you'll need to people to move the box and stand it up right. Home Depot staff helped me get it in the car, I luckily got it our of the car and into my garage and had to take it piece by piece to my room.  Also had to grab my neighbor to help me flip it up right after putting the legs on.

The riser that shelves my computer and speakers is an Ikea hack and the wood happened to match nearly identically.  Here's where I got the idea for the riser.   Loving the riser so far it's great having the screen at eye level.  This was a great move and the parts cost a little under $50 with shipping and tax.  If you click the link to the riser, Ikea has smaller shelves that will work.  This shelf for the riser is 4 feet wide and 11 inches deep.  I thought I'd be cutting it but it worked as is.  If you need smaller check the Ikea site for a smaller shelf.

A little late on the weekly wrap up because I was out late at Output in Brooklyn seeing Adam Beyer.  It was my first time and Adam was great, though a friend who was there said it wasn't quite as good as a show he did several years ago. See Drum Code Radio Episode 191.

At Ouptut I ran into local producer Aurelio Mendoza.  Aurelio has a solid EP out on Connor Skidmore's new label SoulStorm that got support from Italian Techno DJ Sasha Carassi.

Aurelio thought my gain staging article was a huge tip, so if you haven't given that a look, check it out here.


I just got a tune back from mastering, and it's once again amazing how much better a professional human mastering engineer is than Landr and how a pro is far better than anything I can come up with.  I just used Russel at Warm Audio Mastering and he did a great job!

The single is called "Waiting for You" existing Underground Elite™ students will be getting a killer bonus that will help you fully understand the 4 stages of production as I'm going to share EVERYTHING I have regarding this single.  The 8 bar loops and short ideas, the arrangement, the final mixed stems, unmixed stems, the final mix before I sent it to mastering and the final mastered version.

Students will be able to practice each part of the production process - for example students can practice mixing using my arranged by un-mixed stems.  Want to remix this?  Grab all the parts and do it.

Want to practice balancing and setting audio levels?  You'll have access to all stems to do so.

A "template" of this nature usually sells for $20-$30 so it will be added to my course which is still $49 and with this added material and some other stuff it will soon be $99.


Some of you have expressed interest in Maschine Jam and Univeral Audio Plugins.  Now is a good time to buy both. Don't be Gear Slutz but if you've been considering this stuff for a while now is the time.  Look for sales and promos.

For example UAD Accelerator Cards are $300-$500 off. This is a pretty good deal, last seen during Christmas.


Native Instruments also has a promo on Jam where you get 7 expansion packs with purchase, that's a pretty damn good deal.

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Franc - May 30, 2017

Great stuff. I made my production set up out of Ikea parts and other pieces of wood I repurposed to fit my needs.

Unfamiliar with UAD and how it works, can you explain more about why you have to buy the external box with UAD?

    eric - May 31, 2017

    Hey Sean, check this about the UAD platform. The short answer is that the attached hardware runs the plugins so they don't tax your CPU.

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