The Weekly Wrap 16 June 2017

Here's the latest for the week.

Check out this article in the "finish faster" series, subscribers get access to the mock arrangement done in Ableton Live.   I took a deep look at Layton Giordani's tune "Dragon Fly" from his debut album on Drumcode.

Our friend Agent Orange has a new guest mix on Christian Smith's Tronic Radio.

Our other friend Nicola Baldacci's tune Corruption is out and found it's way on several charts on it's release day.

YouTube and ASCAP come to an agreement - this means royalties from YouTube will be tracked.  This means that you should up your game with self released material.

On that note my experience with has been great so far.  It's a mobile app that allows you to self publish you own material for free.  They won't get you on Beatport or Traxsource but they the big sources covered like Apple Music, Spotify and so on.

You upload your music and artwork to Google Drive, from there the app pulls it in and schedules it for release.  It takes about 2 weeks and my single "Waiting for You" just made it to stores.

On the production tip, this looks like a cool technique for drums.  It's 2-stage parallel compression.

Check it. 

That's all I got for now.

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