Remembering Sound Factory’s “Sanctuary” Halloween Party

Ahh the good old days - said every veteran clubber who says "It's just not the same."

Times change for the better and worse. There's a lot of new stuff I missed out on, there a lot of great old stuff that won't ever be experienced again. 

That is the Manhattan Megaclubs.  

While I didn't catch Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium, while they were in their prime, clubs don't last forever and people my age had Vinyl, Sound Factory, and Crobar.  For generations of nightlife revelers since Studio 54 & The Paradise Garage, there was always a "big" club to go to.

Sadly big NYC clubs have gone the way of the dinosaur - this article explains more.  

In the meantime here's some professionally shot club footage from the "Sanctuary" party back in 2003. 

Have a wicked good, safe Halloween. Get inspired for your next studio session.  

You're 1 track away.


PS. Play the video - you see all the people on line during the day. That's how it used to go down. Halloween was one of about a dozen or so marathon "theme" parties that would go from 10pm Saturday well into Sunday evening. 

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