Techno Production: An Easy Way to Think About Arrangement or Song Structure

An easy way to think about arrangement is if we think about the song in 3 main sections:




There are certainly sections within each but if we keep it high level this means you have about 2 minutes or so for each main section.  

The intro kicks things off, the middle section is where you have your main element or hook. There will likely be a breakdown and drop and finally the conclusion wraps things up. The conclusion can be the same or a slight variation of the intro.  Don't need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to your tracks conclusion.  

If you can develop a solid sounding 8-16 bar loop you can easily turn this into a whole song. 

Watch and follow along as I break this down in the video. 

This entire Ableton Template is available for purchase at the link. 

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