Metallics (Ableton Template-techno)

Are your grooves stuck in a loop?  Use this template to help you finish your own songs.  "Metallics" brings subterranean kicks and toms, metallic percussion of course, a middle section with a rolling chugging synth line with all elements coming together during the break and drop.  

Deconstruct the arrangement and mix. Uncover how patterns change and evolve over time so you keep your listeners interested in your music. All it takes is a few variations on your main musical patterns over time - see how it works in this template. 

All you need is Ableton Live 9 Standard.  Fully tweak-able as all tracks main elements are sampler instruments with midi and audio. It's very simple to get a demo or club ready master in the box or within Ableton. For best results always have a professional engineer master your tracks.  It will make a world of difference. This track was professionally mastered by Rob Small. The mastering chain in Ableton is get you results you could use to test your material in the DJ booth or to send to labels as demos.  

Copyright belongs to ItsTheDJ - this offering is not affiliated or endorsed by Ableton. This is offered for educational and informational purposes only.


Full Audio Preview

  • Fully mixed in Ableton  - no 3rd party plugins
  • All main elements available as midi - plus audio for effects and atmosphere 
  • Deconstruct the mix, arrangement and mastering chain
  • Full professional master included to hear the difference between a pro and an "In the Box" do it yourself master

Get This Template Today - $29

Finish Higher Quality Music in less Time

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Stop struggling with mix downs and arrangements when you can deconstruct and borrow from this template.  Replace the elements of this template with your own sounds and you won't have to struggle figuring out where your break down should be, how you'll build energy in your tracks.  You'll even have a very close rough mix barring some additional adjustments.  

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