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Here's my review of  


First off - they are a legit operation. I appreciate anyone willing to say something is not a fit. That's what happened when I first reached out about a campaign. The song in question just wasn't the right match in terms of genre so it didn't make sense for both parties. 

No harm no foul. At the time I appreciated the response and book marked the site for future use.

This past August I released a bootleg I had been working on and wanted to get it out there. 

Here's the tune.  Also covered in this tutorial 

So I reached out to Reach-Promo. 

This tune was good to go so off it went.

A few things to keep in mind.

The artwork and description of the release is entirely up to you so get writing or find someone to do it. Writing an article about the release isn't needed but a solid paragraph is. Some people specialize in this. Just get it done well before hand. Here's my release.

This will help DJs who get the release want to give it a listen. The words should be factual but also curiosity generating - kinda like a good press release.

Here's what I wrote which got reposted on NoiseGate.

I chose to make a modern interpretation of Nat Monday's Waiting. I borrowed parts from The Creamer and K mix.

This was early 2000s progressive house. Think Tenaglia and Deep Dish. Actually the tune was on one of my favorite compilations ever - GLobal Underground Moscow - mixed by Deepdish - the duo Dubfire was in before going solo. 

Anyhow I got some great feedback - far beyond the guaranteed minimums. 

DJs including

Sahar Z

DJ Boris

Paco Osuna

Chris Fortier

Ian Dillon (Decoded Magazine)

Shmitty (minimal Sessions) 


Gene Farris.

Overall 290 opens and 240 plays 3.8 out of 5.  Some big names got it, listened and gave feedback/support - and by the way the names above genuinely downloaded and left a comment.

"Downloads for Richie Hawtin" don't count. I did get that LOL.

All in all great service this is something the pros use. 

Great for some if you who want real feedback from people other than your Mum or Bros. This service is used by some top labels so you also have access provided it makes sense.

It goes without saying your material should be well mixed and professionally mastered.  If you already have some street-cred and releases behind you all the better. That's not required but helps tell a story and for new artists that story is what helps you get heard.

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