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Mastering Shoot Out - Landr Versus a Human

In this video I do a shoot out between Landr and Russel Edwards of Warm Audio Mastering.  Russel and I recently connected on Facebook and I just got back fresh master from his studio.

Who will win the human or the algorithm?

I think you may know but watch and listen to this blind playback and decide for yourself.

The truth of the matter is that I think Landr is a great production tool to use while your tracks are "works in progress."  A Landr master is fine for sending demos to labels, but when it comes to the final master, you probably want to hire a pro.  This is what I do as I think it's pretty much foolish to try it on my own. I get nowhere close to what the pros can do.

If you like the track in the video it's available as a learning tool in my course.  Includes are all stems, so students can practice arranging, mixing and remixing.

Check out the course here.

And what did you think of the shoot out? Let me know your thoughts & which version you liked in the comments