I thought this would be a cool give away for a few reasons.

People are constantly struggling with a few production topics.  Finishing their tracks (arrangement) and making them sound good - mixing.

And on that note I've quite a few questions about compression and processing sounds. 

With this give away you'll understand a bit more about my workflow and what I do.  If you're a new visitor I like to keep things SIMPLE.

While this project uses Ableton Live 9, it probably could have been handled in the version 3.0. There's really nothing too advanced going on.  And I like to say this about all of my projects.  

Setting levels.  If you notice there's a utility on each track.  This is to adjust gain of the signal BEFORE sounds hits the fader or gets affected by a plugin.  This is important because I use a number of analog based plugins where noise could be introduced with too much level coming in.

I really don't care to explain the technicalities of it, but basically if a mastering engineer says to leave headroom regardless of this 32 bit floating headroom shit, I'm gonna do that.

More on this matter is in a post I did a while back - take a look. 

As for the sounds in the project you can grab them from Landr.

How this project can help you?

Well you can see how I mix and set levels.  What I put on my master fader and such.

Most importantly this track needs help in terms of arrangement and ear candy.  The basic skeleton is there but there's not automations, no swosshy effects white noise or anything.

One of the best ways you can better your skills is to practice specific things.  In the beginning it's tough because you do a bit of dabbling here there and everywhere.  But once you can make a good loop, finishing more projects and finishing them faster is about getting better at specific skills.  

Feel free to open this up and improve upon the arrangement.  For example should the hihats play throughout nearly the whole time? Probably not.  There's some editing that can be done. 

Add things to enhance transitions like white noise and effects.

You only need to work on these things regarding this project, sonically it's quite close to what I'd send out to be mastered IF it was complete. 

Here's the project - Free for all visitors.  No subscription required but if you want to get content like this in the future go ahead and subscribe.