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About Eric

It's not lights, fireworks, LED screens, fancy champaign, the VIP section...

It's the people, the vibe, the music.

It's the DJ.

I believe that while producing music today is more affordable than ever - it's so easy to get distracted and wander down the road to no where.

Endless YouTube videos - many of which are bad - and if you find a good one it's not part of a structured series. This is true for much of the digital content published on websites today.

Not only that DAW's have evolved significantly and closely resemble a pilot's cockpit, and while the list of sample packs, VSTs and other software keeps growing and growing.

And....Everyone Is a DJ.

If you want to make, and most importantly finish original music that stands the test of time then you must focus on the important stuff, which often boring & un-sexy. Not stuff that makes headlines.

How can you find the time to do this while juggling a job, girlfriend/wife and maybe even raising a family?

Instead of digging through thousands of free tutorials (many of which are questionable), hundreds of articles, and wasting time on "tips" by so called “experts”, subscribe to ItsTheDJ (it’s free).